Super Screen Jumbo Miscellaneous Pack of Printable Inserts

  • $ 3900



Barry Mitchell & Jay Rumple have created a huge variety pack of printable inserts for our customizable Super Screen temple screen.   The inserts include single panels as well as multiple panels. We also have some fun ideas on how to use the inserts for productions.  We’ve added great new ideas and secrets for using our super screen.  Video footage of many presentation suggestions are all available for viewing online. Available as a hard copy DVD/PDF or Download.   All inserts are in PDF format so it's easy to print at home or your local copy shop.

This incredible miscellaneous package includes OVER 400 printable insert pages. You’ll access smiles, flags, playing cards, letters, numbers, silks, animal faces, sponge balls, rainbows, wands, top hats, crayons, shapes, birthday assortments and Barry Mitchell classic pages from some of his most popular effects. If it ain’t here, you don’t need it.

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"There is but one word to describe what Barry Mitchell and Jay Rumple put together in this variety pack. And that word is WOW!!! If you own Barry's Super Screen, you know how versatile this prop is. Barry and Jay have gone above and beyond in helping us put inserts into the screen for most every occasion and theme.
My favorites are the flags, faces, rainbows and balls. But I know I'll be using the other files as well.
And like many of Barry Mitchell Products, this one is priced too low. I've got my copy and you should gets your too."
Steve Wronker







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