Talking Trash

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Talking Trash DIY DVD
This makes teaching Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle EGG-strodinary fun. And the learning opportunities are EGG-ceptional.


Five large pop-up cans or bags or whatever you choose fill the stage. Picture cards are used for helpers to choose objects related to recycling. The helpers choose a chicken with a green shopping bag. A fun game of elimination is used to magically select one of the bins. The four unselected bins are shown to contain items that may be reduced, reused, or recycled and they all relate to a CHICKEN! WHAT? The selected bin is shown to hold a green shopping bag with a large egg. After all, an egg is a chicken to be. Every part of a chicken has a use, which is explained in a fun way to your eager learners. Yes, it sounds crazy but it really does show students and adults the subject of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Talking Trash ? Make Your Own Version
All the props used in Talking Trash may be ordered online or substituted with other items. The instructions, video demo with explanation, and card artwork are all provided on one DVD.

CAN Opener
Check out our other version of Talking Trash called CAN Opener. It's a fun opening effect for any show. No message, just fun. It's also a Make Your Own Version DVD.

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