The Christmas Story as told by The Moppets

The Christmas Story as told by The Moppets

  • $ 2900

Desirae Payne has created the most incredible way to share the Christmas story with your church.  Her original Moppet characters are mops and brooms that become actors in the presentation of the story.  This is creativity to it's highest level.  It's also creativity on a budget because you can make all the props.  Desirae shows you in detail how to make all the props.  You'll see a small scale live presentation as well as a large scale presentation.  This is perfect for your church children's ministry to get them involved this holiday season.  Music and narration created by Nathan J. Roberts and Desirae.  You will love this and for only $29 it will be the best bargain you'll find for your children's ministry this year.

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