The Reduce! Reuse! Recycle Show Package

The Reduce! Reuse! Recycle Show Package

  • $ 22900

Presenting a GREAT educational program can be a LOT of work. UNTIL NOW! You get Barry’s complete Recycling show script plus video footage and explanations.

BUT WAIT! This isn’t just one show! It’s two shows plus enough extra routines for a third show. You get to pick and choose how to assemble the show you want.

BUT WAIT! Barry has also included three different show logos created by Jay Rumple Designs. AND Performer’s Print Shop even threw in a COUPON to help you create custom marketing piece.

AND. . . MOST of the effects can be made yourself.

PACKED on the DVDs & CD:

  • Barry’s Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle show script & video footage (A 9 value by itself)
  • Barry’s Garbage Buster Show DVD and notes (A value)
  • Fourteen additional presentation scripts and video (A value)
  • Magic with Science DIY Instructions (A value)
  • Talking Trash DIY Instructions (A value)
  • All necessary artwork and Pdfs
  • Teacher’s Guide Materials
  • Discount Coupon for advertising design & artwork (A 0 value)
  • Three different show logo designs (A 0 value)


BOTTOM LINE – More content than any other educational program on the market. Add it all up and this package includes 33 routines and ideas. That’s LESS THAN PER ROUTINE IDEA!

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