Think Different DIY Magic 2

Think Different DIY Magic 2

  • $ 2000

Available as Download ONLY.

Our first DIY Magic DVD was so popular that we had to share more. You’ll discover more magic on a budget as well as fun DIY props for the crafty creative types.

DVD Download includes; Exclusive DIY Appearing Jumbo Toothpick, Appearing Jumbo Steel Pipe, Appearing Jumbo Cotton Swab, Appearing Jumbo Golden Ruler, Custom Spring Open Signs, Miser’s Candy Dream with Jumbo Peppermint Finale, Appearing Light Bulbs, Appearing Flashlight, Solar Powered Light bulb, Gene the Genii, and Alexander the Giant.

BONUS PDF Book includes; Throwing Your Voice Gimmick, Eye On You Goofy Glasses, Hats-A-Lot-O-Hats, The Nut Cracker Brick, Universal Remote, Tie-Dyed Balls, Laundry Costumes, and THE BOX!


"The best $20 bucks I've spent in a long time! "
Robert Baxt

"This is another blockbuster DVD filled with brilliant DIY and performance ideas. I highly recommend it ... Unless you live in my market area, in which case it totally sucks..."

Roger Way

"GREAT ... there is that much creativity in this DVD! ... it's worth every single Dollar! ... I have to watch it again after my show!"
Tom Flicker

"I always get excited when a NEW Barry Mitchell “Think Different” DVD is released. This is the second in a series called DIY Magic. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best of all of the Barry Mitchell Library DVDs. There is video which explains way too much for your $20 and there’s the PDF, which alone is worth the price you paid.

Let’s start with the DVD first. His pom-pom pole using children’s ABCD blocks is really fun. It might seem hard to make (and for me it is, as I have trouble with a screwdriver and hammer) but the idea behind this is genius. Get your own creativity going and think about what else could replace the pom-poms or blocks that could be theme specific to your next new show. Oh and by the way, this is only his introduction to the DVD.

Then comes the value for this release. It is a complete and detailed explanation about appearing poles; how to make them, how to decorate them, how to properly cut them and other ideas on how to use them. The explanation continues on the PDF which also is part of the package. I believe this could have been a completely separate DIY DVD but Barry likes to give value for you twenty bucks. If you use an appearing pole of any kind BUY THIS DVD.

Later on the DVD is two wonderful stories, Gene the Genii and Alexander the Giant that makes use of appearing poles. The complete scripts are also found on the PDF. Alexander the Giant is very clever and could be the lead in to other routines that use a Giant or Fairy Tales theme.

Do you have a bunch of extra sponge balls just lying around? Turn them into appearing light bulbs. No, you won’t be the next Mr. Electric but it’s a great addition to your WOW box and is part of the Gene the Genii routine. Performance and explanation for this is here too.

But my favorite part of the DVD is the chapter DIY Magic and More. There are 8 outstandingly clever bits of business here. My absolute favorite is called Solar Powered. It uses one of the (now) old fashioned magic trick light bulbs that turn on and off by itself. But now you can talk about the virtues of solar power and how the energy from the sun can be used as a resource of electricity. Or by itself, just a fun and funny way to turn on a light.

For those extra sponge balls lying around that I mentioned before, are any of them yellow and covered with splotches from when they were stored with other colored balls? Why not make them tie-dyed? A fun project to re-purpose those sponge balls you thought were no use.

Another great idea that Barry has spoken about many time before on his VIP Videos and other DVDs is his big Mr Barry sign you always see hanging from his backdrop. Well, after many tries to get a perfect looking sign, Barry has finally come up with a perfect solution to get the colors to look perfect and not streaky. He tells all. Plus I love the new sign he has made for his fairs and festival show. I’m actually going to copy that idea.

There are 5 other ideas on the DVD that are worth exploring; Throwing Your Voice, Duck Bucket, Universal Remote, Laundry Costumes and Miser’s Candy. This last one is a misers dream using peppermint candies which is a perfect holiday routine.

You will view the DVD many times over and think of other uses for all the information he has given you.

Now you also get all of the above on the PDF. Complete detailed instructions and photos of everything plus a few surprises. If you like adding silly props to dress up your volunteers and add a fun segment to your routines you are really going to enjoy Hats-A-Lot-O-Hats and Silly Glasses. These are props you can easily make that kids will go crazy over. Don’t forget to make a few of these in your size to join in the silliness.

So do I recommend this DVD/PDF?

You bet I do. There’s nobody in the business that gives you so much value for your money than Barry Mitchell.

Add this to your library and order it today.
Steve Wronker

"Just finished watching the new "Think Different DIY Magic 2" DVD and reading the companion PDF…

Absolutely incredibly creative stuff on this set. Not sure how Barry keeps coming up with this stuff…. oh and Gene with the Universal Remote… WOW.

Appearing poles, rulers, needles, a giant appearing cotton swab, appearing lightbulbs, tons and tons of ideas for spoof glasses, hats and foam bricks. I could go on and on. Oh… Solar Powered, I have always wanted to know how to rig up one of those magic lightbulbs like that.

$20 for this shot-in-the-arm of creativity…. no brainer and no regrets.

NOTE: DO NOT NEGLECT THE PDF…. To be honest, this could be sold as a PDF with companion DVD."
Dorian LaChance

"He's done it again. So much usable and creative stuff for so little money. The two magic stories (my favorite was Gene the Genii for obvious reasons) is worth the $20 price tag. But you get tons of instructions on making appearing poles, giant sewing needles, Q-tips, flashlights, and more. And that's just the beginning. Last fall we built a fun comedy prop for my reading show. It has been tons of fun to perform and it was fun to make. He shows you how it was made in one of the chapters. I asked him why he puts SO MUCH in his videos. His response ..."I want my customers to be blown away by how much extra information is included. I want to give them much more than they expect." He has certainly reached that goal with this video. It's so good that it will take me months of snarky comments to get his ego back in check. Well played Baldini, well played."
Gene Cordova

"There are lots of things to love about Barry Mitchell's DIY MAGIC 2, like a new range of possibilities presented by "appearing objects", but what really impresses me is his melding of skills with ideas, which in turn develops more skills and more ideas.

During the segment on the story of Alexander the Giant (which also displays one of my favorite DIY items on the DVD - the Appearing Sewing Needle) Barry says the following:
"Your ability to tell the story and draw the audience in will determine how good the presentation is but I believe if you follow my lead you'll develop your ability to tell that story better yourself."

Contained in that sentence you will find the most durable treasure of the DIY series. I'll shorten it a bit to widen its application -
"If you follow my lead - you'll develop your ability." That's an offer not to be refused.

This is where the perception of you the entertainer can go from "How did you do that?" to "How do you think like that?" That's a promotion, folks!

... AND there's a 39 page PDF book bursting with truly usable routine and prop ideas all explained in detail... in Technicolor!

Thanks Barry, for another satisfying meal from your creative cafe."
Steve Petra

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