Timothy Pressley's Multiplying Peppermint Sticks

Timothy Pressley's Multiplying Peppermint Sticks

  • $ 2000

STAY TUNED. More on the way soon.

Candy Fact - One peppermint stick is never enough. if you only had a magic peppermint stick, you could have more. You're in luck because Timothy Pressley just created one, then two, then three etc. It's multiplying sponge peppermint sticks. One after another they divide in your hands for you to place them in a bag or box. Just as quickly as they appear, you can save a couple for later and vanish the rest . . . just like magic. Comes with two peppermint sticks and instructions. For a SWEET finale, add Barry's Appearing Candy Cane and Pole Control to produce a huge peppermint stick from the empty bag. Appearing pole sold separately.

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