Timothy Pressley's Spellbook

  • $ 8500

S.S. Adams invented the spring snake. Barry Mitchell put it in a book. Now, Timothy Pressley has created a comedy prop and routine that is a complete laugh-riot. Keep your audience in stitches with the Spellbook! All chaos ensues after you reference your Spellbook for the right magic words to use in your show. When you open the book, three brightly colored spring snakes fly from the book and into the audience. “There are NO snakes in this show!” So, you sit the Spellbook down to collect the snakes from the audience and dispose of them inside your “snake trap” (a peanut can). More hysteria follows as the snakes continue to multiply in the audience! Wait, they aren’t multiplying. They just keep escaping from the trap without you noticing. Your young audience is doubled over with laughter. You finally capture all three sneaky snakes and get the lid tightly secured on the snake trap. It’s safe to continue the show. When the audience believes the madness has subsided, you pick up the Spellbook again. When you open the book, the snakes have returned! “Ahh! I said there are NO snakes in this show!” At this point, you can pick up the empty snake trap and collect the snakes inside again or you can toss the snakes aside and produce something else from the snake can. Something like a ring or watch, which was previously borrowed and vanished from the audience. Along with all the props, you will receive access to a webpage full of tutorial videos and more ideas with spring snakes.

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