Unicorn Change Bag

Unicorn Change Bag

  • $ 6900

Unicorn Bag Explained

Thanks to all that purchased this unique bag. They are now retired.

Sherry Grant Presents
The mystical magical unicorn has been changed . . . into a Uni-Utility Change bag. Kids love unicorns and adults laugh about their poo. What can be better in a family magic show? Comes with nylon streamers that may be used in your favorite routines. Change the streamers into a silk rainbow streamer to the applause of the little Uni-Lovers. Put on your Uni-Corny thinking cap and you’ll discover magical wonders inside the bag. CAUTION: Do not use with glitter! It won’t harm the bag. But no one likes unicorn snot!

Exclusive product of Barry Mitchell Products.

Don't forget a bag of 144 gold coins to produce from the end of your rainbow silks. CLICK HERE to order.

Don't forget a rainbow silk streamer to produce from your Unicorn Change Bag. CLICK HERE to order.

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