Fluffy the Frog

Fluffy the Frog

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We have leaped ahead with our new frog and fly routine. Fluffy is an adorable little croaker with a long tongue. He uses his tongue to catch flies. But his tongue is sore so his friend suggested rubbing honey on his lily pad. He said, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” What follows is a fun routine with an audience helper watching as the fly silk disappears inside the lily pad silk via a thumb tip. The fly reappears and Fluffy performs his favorite stunt. The helper holds fluffy in one hand and his miniature backpack in the other. The fly is placed inside the performer’s fist. In the blink of an eye the fly appears inside the min backpack. This is time tested magic that Barry has been performing for over a decade. This package has been updated with a new frog and backpack easily seen for stage shows. You receive Wonder Imagery silks, frog, backpack, vernet thumb, presentation instructions and online video instructions with password. Password comes with product instructions.

Password comes with product instructions

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