Think Different - DIY Magic

Think Different - DIY Magic

  • $ 2000

Available as Download ONLY.

You’ll discover some of the strongest magic Barry has ever created and it’s all DIY on a budget. The “Random Destiny” effect will show you how a simple principle can be stretched further when you “Think Different.”

DVD Download includes; Bag-O-Wow 2.0, Big Wand-A, Rainbow Wand-A, Breakfast for Mom, I Phone E, Table Décor, Random Destiny, Animal Arithmetic, The Eight-Card Solution, No Card Tricks, Candy Bag Surprise, BOOM, S’More Ideas, Off Spring, Missing Your Smile, The Black Box, Picture This, and Bank Bag VISTA. When you learn the “Eight-Card Solution” you’ll quickly say it alone is worth more than the cost of the DVDs.
Comes with PDF companion book and several original artwork files, making this a true DIY DVD set. So much content it takes 2 DVDs.

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