Magic Paint Brush - Appearing 8 Foot Paint Brush

  • $ 19900

Live Demo 2

Tie-dye may be the perfect wearable art, but if you're like me you don't enjoy the work required to make your tie-dye hankies. All those rubber bands and inky fingers are a mess. You need the Magic Paint Brush. Place a white hanky into a Happy Hanky bag (regular change bag, not included) wave the Magic Paint Brush and say, “Wavy, wavy, happy hanky.” Remove a beautifully tie-dyed hanky. Wait! It didn’t work. We need a bigger paint brush. We happen to have one. Wavy, wavy again, but it’s not working. We need a bigger paint brush. After three brushes it’s still not working. Time to get serious and bring out the big daddy of brushes. From the same small bag with all the other brushes, you produce an 8-foot MAGIC PAINT BRUSH. But wait! There’s more! We need to wavy, wavy and check the hanky. It’s a tie-dye work of art. Comes with our funny script including audience participation points making this a masterpiece routine. You get 8” x 4” x 11” bag with beautiful cover, three small brushes, white and tie-dye hankies, modified Pole Control gimmick with base, and HUGE appearing pole paint brush. (Regular change bag not included.) Online video instructions explain everything. Password comes with product.

Instructional Video. Password comes with product

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