Better Builder Show Package DVDs

Better Builder Show Package DVDs

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The Better Builder Show Package DVDs
Build A Better World Theme Magic and More

Building & Construction is a popular theme for schools, libraries, and church programs. This double DVD package will provide the building blocks for your show. Includes:

  • New Magic
  • Re-themed Classic Magic
  • DIY projects
  • Stage Decoration
  • Toy Building Block Magic
  • Storytelling Magic
  • DIY Brick Puppet
  • Recycling Magic
  • All Necessary PDF art included
  • PDF book of scripts and additional content not on the DVDs

 BONUS: DIY Directions for Barry’s New Pipe Dream effect!

"A big WOW! Barry just did it again. Words like awesome and amazing are not nearly strong enough to describe what you get on this DVD from Barry's creative mind. With all that shared information you could build up more than 1 show, I would say it would last for at least 3-4 complete shows! Thanks Barry."
Tom Flicker

"Downloaded 'Better Builder' today, brilliant material on a quick look at everything. Really excellent to have a download as it takes a couple of weeks for disks to get to the UK. Well done Barry."
Tony Hanscombe

"Just finished watching Barry latest offering.... THE BETTER BUILDER SHOW PACKAGE. No surprise, but another winner for sure.

From set dressing ideas to DIY projects like making your own appearing card castle and the incredible PIPE DREAM effect. Even if you are not doing library shows this summer with a building theme there are ideas in the set for everyone."
Dorian LaChance

"I love ideas. Ideas are glorious! However, most magic ideas never see the light of day because they don't become good routines. 
Barry Mitchell's Better Builder Show Package DVD is loaded, yes LOADED with ideas, methods, props and... great ROUTINES!

This DVD and 58 page PDF book is a Tour de Force (pardon my French) of Story, Presentation Versatility, Technique, DIY Magic and Audience Interaction.

Original Routines that entertain while they teach. Just to name a few:
Cinder, the Little Block That Couldn't
Torn and Restored Blueprints
3D Printer
A segment I call Pole Vaulting - Barry builds a better appearing pole!
and the Pinnacle of Plumbing Supply Prestidigitation... PIPE DREAM!


BRAND NEW applications for some of Barry's most popular products that you may already own!
Such as:
Magic Box (Oh, how I love this one)
Fishing For Friends
Bucket Filler
New Super Screen presentations
Mother of All Diamonds (a gem, literally)
Rip Apart Change Bag

The Mitchell Method of putting perspiration behind your inspiration pays off with the sweet smell of success. You will find as I did that Barry's new Better Builder DVD package truly delivers a massive payload.

PAYLOAD (pey-lohd) noun
1. the part of a cargo producing revenue or income

I will be using ideas, concepts, props and routines from this package for many years to come. That is the definition of value!"
Steve Petra

"The Better Builder Show Package DVD: 
Concrete, Steel and good old muscle is what it takes to build great structures. Barry's Better Builder DVD's provide the materials needed for a strong show that will stand long after the Summer shows have come and gone. Building your tool box, the comedy tool box, are a couple of many favorites. The PDF book is loaded heavier than a concrete truck with much more in addition to the DVD. Not only ALL that but you get instructions to build your very own PIPE DREAM! Don't miss the deadline to Build A Better Show! Order Yours in DVD or Download."
Eric Youngvall


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