Sponge Balls

  • $ 100


PLEASE CHOOSE A COLOR IN THE DROP DOWN MENU ABOVE BEFORE ORDERING! 2-inch Sponge balls & hearts $1 each. 2-inch stars $1 each.
GREEN & YELLOW are available for .75 each. Green balls are slightly smaller than 2-inch and are regular sponge. Yellow are slightly smaller than 2-inch and very soft similar to super soft.

NEW Magic by Gosh PRO Balls available in RED. PRO balls are not super soft but they are the softest and best available and made by Gosh.

Scroll down to watch our Crash Course in Sponge Video.

Have you ever needed just one sponge ball of a particular color? Or maybe you need just three and don't want to buy a set of four. We have a solution. Single sponge balls in 2-inch super soft in most colors while they last. These are Magic by Gosh Super Soft sponge balls. (Green & Yellow are regular sponge, not Gosh Super Soft) Super Soft sponge balls are no longer being made.  Small selection of 1.5-inch black & 1-inch red available.

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