• $ 5900

Growing Balls are no longer being made.
Bag-O-Mystery" is written upside down on a brown paper bag. Inside the bag is a small ball. My grandfather said it was a magic trick and I had to figure out what it did. I figured the ball was supposed to vanish. Each time I tried something it failed. The ball didn’t vanish, but it got BIGGER. Then I reached in the bag again and there was another giant ball . . . then a third . . . then a FOURTH! I forgot to tell you, on the back of the bag is written, “Say Banana.” But I don’t want to say banana because I don’t like magic words. Kids seem to like magic words because they keep saying, “Banana.” Maybe it’s because a little yellow banana appears hanging on a string from the bag. A fun and interactive routine for kids.

Comes with bag, four sponge growing balls and special gimmick to hold balls and hide that sneaky banana on a string. AVAILABLE IN RED BALLS ONLY.

Special thanks to Steve Petra for his help with script and performance suggestions.

Instructional Video. Password comes with product.

Early Performance from Barry's Show. Password comes with product.


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