Cannon Of Doom Change Tube

  • $ 4900

CAUTION! This is the Cannon of Doom! It was designed for Fabio the Fearless, sold separately. However, it’s perfect for any silk switch effect. The Cannon of Doom is based on the Pavel Change Tube sometimes known as the Ultra Tube. The outside and inside of the tube appears to be shown empty, however, a large dye tube is hidden inside. Inside the tube, there are two yellow caution stripes and outside is solid black. Tube is made of durable plastic to last a lifetime. Dye tube will hold up to a 36-inch silk. Comes with protective cardboard tube, wrap around Ring of Danger and cannon wheelbase. Entire unit takes up very little space in your case. You’ll be using this prop for many of your silk switch tricks.

NOTE: The photos and video of the cannons used in this demo were made with prototypes and have blue and yellow ends.  The ones actually sold have solid black edges.

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"I just received my Cannon of Doom. I'll make no attempt at eloquence here, just want to get the point across that I'm totally FREAKING OUT about how awesome this thing is!! It looks great on video, but once I opened it up . . . MAN!   The tube Barry made is WOW! I look at it and think this is the elite class of what a normal Ultra Tube wants to be when it grows up. I'm at a loss for words.  Please, for crying out loud, you really don't want to be without one."
Eric Youngvall

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