Silver Switch Wand

  • $ 4900

The Silver Switch Wand is perfect for silk switch effects. Available in silver and black. CHOOSE A COLOR IN DROPDOWN MENU BEFORE ORDERING. It can also be used to produce and vanish silks. It is based on the Pavel Change Tube sometimes known as the Ultra Tube or Massal Tube. The outside and inside of the tube, appears to be shown empty, however, a large dye tube is hidden inside.

Switch Wand is made of durable plastic to last a lifetime. Dye tube will easily hold a 45-inch silk. We’ve also tested a 36-inch x 47-inch flag silk. Obviously, it will hold a 4-inch X 30-foot rainbow streamer. In other words, it will hold a massive load of silk. Comes with protective cardboard tube and white end caps making it a unique silver or black magic wand. Now your audience can see the magic inside the wand. You’ll be using this prop for many of your silk switch, vanish or production effects.

BONUS FEATURE – The inside of the switch wand is the perfect surface for removable Cricut vinyl designs. You can now customize this utility prop for any show theme. For the DIY type, this is a theming gold mine. Or should we say, “Silver mine?”

Watch all our online video suggestions for inspiration. Password comes with product.

Switch Wand has been improved and no longer has red stripes on the inside. New design allows for bigger loads and adding removable stickers.

Sparkly the Dragon in a Time Machine
Sparkly the Dragon CLICK HERE

Caterpillar to Butterfly using our Caterpillar & Butterfly silk set with the 24-inch butterfly.
Caterpillar & Butterfly set CLICK HERE
24-inch Butterfly silk CLICK HERE
Also shown with 2-inch Rainbow Streamer CLICK HERE

Using the Silver Switch Wand within our Slime Sucker routine. Slime Sucker also uses Crayon-Ola. SEE CRAYON-OLA CLICK HERE

Reggie the Red Rainbow Tailed Caterpillar

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Time Machine Set Up

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