Duh! Part Deux DVD

Duh! Part Deux DVD

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In 2011 Barry presented one of his most popular Kidabra events, “The Duh Lecture.” As soon as it was over people wanted more Duh.

So he began work on “Duh Part Deux or as we say, “Duh Duh!” This is a sequel that will be better than the original. It has to be . . . Duh! It’s all about trick-a-fication, inspiration, and motivation. In other words, see a bunch of tricks you can make, get some new ideas, and get to work.

Guest starring Barry’s brainstorm buddies Dorian LaChance, and Steve Wronker. 2.5 heads are better than 1. So much content it takes THREE DVDs. Includes LIVE lecture at Kidabra 2013 PLUS additional footage and our one of a kind VIP videos from our Facebook group

LARGE DOWNLOAD - The download zip of this DVD package is over 4 GB. Please be aware it will take a little time to download.


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