Magic Hook aka Devil's Hook

Magic Hook aka Devil's Hook

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Have you seen magicians float ladies in the air?  Sometimes they float on the edge of a broom or even the tip of a sword.  I’m going to do that today and I’ll even show you how it’s done. Yes, it's possible with a Magic Hook. Well, the floating part is possible. Maybe we should start on a smaller scale. The Magic Hook, also known as the Devil's Hook is a classic of magic with a simple plastic hook that appears to float on the tip of an audience member's finger. To make it even more impossible, a leather belt is attached to add more weight. A true miracle of science.

The Secret
To balance the hook place the center of a stiff style belt in the notch of the hook so the ends of the belt hang toward the handle end of the hook. The hook will balance off the end of your finger. The secret is that the belt changes the center of gravity. You can learn even more about magic by learning more about science.

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