Sponge Carrot to Rabbit

  • $ 5900

Imagine pushing a sponge baby carrot into your fist and having it instantly transform into a sponge bunny. Stop imagining, because it's now possible with the Carrot to Rabbit gimmick. This gimmick is made from Magic by Gosh super soft sponge. You get the Carrot to Rabbit gimmick, four additional baby carrots, and instructions for four complete routines. Perform one of the supplied routines or create your own using the props supplied:

Rabbit Trap - Challenge your audience to catch the rabbit as he secretly moves carrots back and forth from your hand and pocket.

Count the Carrots - Carrots multiply uncontrollably and then a rabbit appears and eats all the carrots.

Teleporting Carrot - Carrots apparently teleport from your hand into the hand of a spectator and then a rabbit appears in their hand.

Hair in My Mouth- An endless supply of carrots appear from your mouth then you produces a sponge rabbit from your mouth.

The included instructions assume a basic knowledge of sponge magic, sleight of hand, and misdirection.

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