The Grin Keeper (Smile Keeper & Clown Nose Keeper)

  • $ 9900

Grin Keeper Smile Version
Look out sourpuss, the Grin Keeper is coming for you! Get ready to smile. There were so many sourpusses at the last show, I had to give away all my grins and my Grin Keeper is empty. If I show you how to fill my can with ear-to-ear grins, will you help? After a brief grin manufacturing tutorial, the grinning begins, and one by one grins start appearing in the empty can. It’s like a smile Miser’s Dream. Fourteen giant two-inch smile balls appear. We can do one more BIG one. One happy individual supplies the mother of all grins, and a giant three-inch ball appears. The Grin Keeper is now happy. I know it’s happy because I see the sign . . . a huge two-foot by three-foot smile banner. Grin worthy magic for family fun.

But Wait, There’s More

Grin Keeper Clown Version
We need to fill the can with grins. Remember, we want grins, not laughs. Laughs create clown noses. Everyone knows clowns create laughter. Please hold your laughter for the main show. Grins only please. Who laughed? Look what happened. A clown nose. Stop that! Another clown nose. Hey, who giggled? Giggles create baby clown noses. After a corny-copia of clown and giggle noses, one more giant red nose appears. Thanks for all the grins, giggles and LAUGHS. You just filled my can. I know it's full because there’s a sign inside. A huge two-foot by three-foot smile banner.

Grin Version (Yellow smile balls, big smile ball and smile banner) $99
Clown Nose Version (Red noses, giggle noses, big nose, smile banner) $99
Combo Grin & Clown Package. (All balls, and smile banner) $129.


Grin Keeper Demo

Clown Nose Version

Grin Keeper Explanation. PASSWORD comes with product.

 Humpty the Yolkster Demo

Humpty Explanation
Password comes with product

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