Pole Control

Pole Control

  • $ 2500

Take control of your appearing pole!
Finally, a gimmick that makes producing the appearing pole products super easy. This gimmick will allow you to easily control the production of the pole smoothly. It works in a bag, box, or just about anything you can imagine. It easily velcros inside a box or can be used without any attachment at all. Gimmick comes with password to watch online video instructions below. Simple scroll down. Also watch our free video instructions of the Care & Feeding of Appearing Poles. Appearing Poles sold separately.

Performance Ideas

Itchy Straw

Sticky Straw

Elf Seasoning


ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. Password comes with product.


"Barry, I can't tell you how relieved I am! I just received my "Pole Control" and could not be more excited to try it out. I was so concerned that this thing was going to be something that I would find in the plumbing section of a hardware store. Honestly, curiosity caused me to go ahead and bite the bullet and buy this product. When I first saw the "Pole Control" I just wanted to give a testimony to the fact that this is truly an ingenious gimmick and not a toilet paper holder or PVC pipe...really! Definitely worth it and extremely versatile."
William Timothy Shumaker

"Several years ago I designed a gimmick to produce an appearing pole for my school shows. It worked fairly well. However, when Barry came out with Pole Control, I admit I had my doubts it could be any better than my design.  I was a WRONG! Once I got Barry's Pole Control and put it to use, I found that as good as mine was, Barry's was SO much better in many ways. Not that I would ever need it, but my gimmick was shelved and Barry's Pole Control is my often used 'go to' gimmick for smoothly and effortlessly producing my appearing props. Barry's POLE CONTROL is highly recommended. Get one ... or two and enjoy!"
George Mullican

"Call the fire brigade! Get a ladder! Because Barry Mitchell's Pole Control is HOT! I've used a stick in a box method before but the handling was awkward and looked bad. Pole control has given me worry free productions of my appearing straw and appearing wand, even when I hold it upside down! I highly recommend it to anyone!"
Eric Youngvall

"I LOVE the pole control! It is so easy to place into most any type of "container" making it very versatile! I use it in most every show!!!"
Lisa Laird

"I will be using it at The Magic Circle tomorrow."
Tony Hanscombe

"The pole control is really easy to use and can be used for many different shows."
Donny Lee

"I LOVE my Pole Control. It made my pole appearance so much smooth and clean, and it is so easy to use. Highly recommended."
Ofir Itzhaki

"I LOVE (I mean I really LOVE ) the Pole Control! "
Gary Kelton

"I own pole control, it's great! I was going to build something like it. I'm glad I didn't. Thank you so much for the time you spent on the research and development of this product."
Cecil Lewis

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