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9-inch RED Silk - NEW. Only $1 each

18-inch YELLOW Silk - NEW. Only $2 each

36-inch WHITE Silk - NEW. Only $3 each

Super Latex Cola Bottle -
Twister Magic FULL version. NEW & never used from my personal collection. Retail is $45. Get this one for only $25. No instructions included. Only $25

Vanishing Coke Can (Bazar De Magia) -
From my personal collection. Includes gimmicked can and tube. The photo on the package shows a top on the can with pull tab, however, I don't have that. I'm not sure it even came with it. Only one and in great condition other that possible missing lid. Only $10

Baseball Sponge Mistake - Small paint mistake on one of our Appearing Sponge Baseballs. Regular price is $10. Get this one for only $3.

Circus Clown Silk -
This is a Rice Silk King silk. It is 17-inches, however, they are usually advertised as 18-inch silks. It has a tiny hole near the top of the silk. Picture shows hole. Used from my personal collection. Only $9

The Magician and the Card Sharp by Karl Johnson -
Hardbound from my personal collection. Perfect condition. Only $19.

Card Finesse II by Jon Racherbaumer -
Hardbound from my personal collection. Perfect condition. Only one and only $99.

Card College Vol 2 & 5 -
By Roberto Giobbi. These are my personal collection. All are in NEW & PERFECT condition. Vol 2, & 5 available. Sold separately. Be sure to use dropdown menu to order correctly. Only $25 each

Stress Toys - We have these for the ends of our pom pom stick effect. We have retired the pom pom effect for the moment and we're offering the toys at a great price. CHOOSE OPTION IN DROP DOWN MENU Only $2.50 each

Magic Mooves Me Hard Copy DVD
-The De-Tails of Children's Educational Magic. Saddle up and ride into the mind of Barry Mitchell, one of America's most creative entertainers. You'll see a live performance of the "Word Wrangler" show and go behind the scenes to learn how the show was created. You'll discover tips and secrets of performing on the road. You'll learn the techniques to have teachers and principals praising your work. You'll be challenged to make your programs more creative and imaginative. It's all inside this video. Regular price $29. ONLY $10

Paddle Collection - From my personal collection. My full collection of paddle tricks including my VERY FIRST paddles in my VERY FIRST magic set. Comes with everything in the photo. Various color forces. Only $25 for ALL

Butterfly Puzzle -
Caterpillar to Butterfly version of boomerang trick. Small size is approximately 4-inch. 4 for 1.00.

Change Bag Book - Only .50 cents

KD Engraved Half Dollar -
From my personal collection. This was made for me by a friend when I was in high school. A KD (King of Diamonds) is engraved on the back of a 1971 Kennedy half. ONLY ONE. Only $5

Gold Plated Eisenhower Dollar 1974 -
From my personal collection. Only $8 each

Expanded Shell Quarter -
From my personal collection. 1988 quarter. Only $19

Rainbow Streamers -
Special offer on 2-inch X 16-foot Magic by Gosh streamer silk.  Only $8

Double Sided Quarter -
Choose heads or tails while they last. From my personal collection. Only $9 each

Zig Zag Pencil - NEW Only $1. each

The Mark by John Murray -
From my personal collection. Never used. Spectator marks a half dollar for identification. The cois in made to vanish only to reappear locked inside a keychain that is being held by the spectator. Only $29

Build a Better Mouse Trap - Paperback book. NEW with PDF of art from book. We will email you the art when you order. Regular price $29. Only $10

5-inch Sponge Hearts
Super Soft sponge hearts measure 5-inch wide X 5.25-inch tall WHEN WET. Slightly smaller when dry. These were originally made for Barry Heart Attack trick, which is now retired. ONLY 1 Left. $4 each

PRESTO SYMPHONY DVD - For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $59. NEW $15

SPORTS/FOOD ART PACK - For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $29. NEW $10

AMERICAN ROPES (Ropes ONLY, no instructions & NO DVD) For full description CLICK HERE. Regular price $15. NEW $7

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