Imagination Adventure Royalty Free MagiTunes Music

Imagination Adventure Royalty Free MagiTunes Music

  • $ 2000

20 original tracks, plus bonus takes from Nathan J. Roberts
From the soft cinematic to the adventurous, this collection of tracks covers it all. From the fairy tale princess compositions to the avenging heroes, you'll love finding ways to use these tracks in your shows. It's intense, epic, inspiring and powerful. Great background music for delightfully pleasing, action, adventure, and motivational routines. Another great MagiTunes CD.

Tracks and descriptions

  1. Tchaikovsky Remembered - A touch of Tchaikovsky from the Nutcracker with a bit of Nathan J. Roberts in the mix.
  2. Imagination - Orchestral upbeat with a heroic feel.
  3. Bucket Filler - Strings and marimba provide the background for this beautiful motivational piece of music.
  4. Maple Leaf Rag - A piano only rendition of the 1899 ragtime classic from Scott Joplin.
  5. Yanni Acoustic - If Yanni played acoustic guitar he would probably compose a piece that sounds like this. Acoustic guitar with driving drums and orchestral backing.
  6. Jump Of The Page - Flute, keyboard pads, and light percussion provide the underscore for whatever adventurous story you could share. It begins lite and ends really big with a full band.
  7. Brionna’s Universe - Brionna is a fan of Steven Universe. This is a take from one of the shows infamous videos.
  8. Come To De Island - A little island piano, horns, and accordion. The island sound mashed up with a zydeco Disney feel.
  9. The Entertainer - Another Scott Joplin ragtime original. This is our attempt at the all piano version.
  10. Imagine If You Will - Flute and Yanni’s key guitar lay the beautiful background for this emotional piece of music.
  11. The Party Is Here - Baritone sax, piano, and a little percussion invites you into a fun upbeat party atmosphere.
  12. Nothing Else - Very beautiful piano, light strings, and acoustic guitar lays a beautiful bed of pleasant sound.
  13. Monkey Dance - Marimba with a light acoustic feel. Inspired by watching a little girl play with an energetic chimpanzee.
  14. Pricilla's Lullaby - Beautiful harp keys with strings providing momentary interludes.
  15. Good Morning - A cinematic and inspiring piece. Orchestra, piano, and light strings makes you think or morning or a new beginning.
  16. Raindrops - The ukulele is the main instrument here. A medium paced piece with a folk country feel.
  17. Write Me A Song - A fun upbeat tune. Strummed banjo gives this a Spike Jones feel that gets your toes a tappin’, puts a smile on your face, and a dance in your step.
  18. Waltz #9 - Orchestral waltz that any princess would love to dance too.
  19. The Princess Returns - An orchestral piece that can provide the underscore to a beautiful story.
  20. Got To Get Away From Here - A beautiful pop ballad feel with piano, band, and orchestration.
  21. Twinkle/ABC Remix - Use this fun, upbeat tune to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star or The ABC song.
  22. Maple Leaf Rag - 16 second version.
  23. Maple Leaf Rag - 10 second version
  24. Maple Leaf Rag - 8 second version
  25. The Entertainer - 60 second version
  26. The Entertainer - 7 second Tag
  27. The Princess Returns - 16 second open
  28. The Princess Returns - 60 second closer

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