Looking For A Reader - MagiTunes

Looking For A Reader - MagiTunes

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Looking For A Reader - Magitunes
By Nathan J. Roberts, Barry Mitchell & Sherry Grant


If you perform in schools or libraries, this CD is a MUST for you. Nathan has knocked it out of the park. I’m so proud of this project. I might be a little biased because Sherry and I helped but even if we didn’t, this material is still TOP NOTCH. I use many of the tracks as preshow music for library and school shows. It's fun and gets the kids in the right mood before the show begins. Includes karaoke style tracks as well for background music. There are 20 Tracks.


  • Looking For A Reader
  • R E A D
  • The Captain
  • Got To Get Away From Here
  • When You Read A Book
  • Let Me Tell You A Story
  • Clark The Worm
  • Write Me A Song
  • See What You Read
  • Looking For A Reader Jazz

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