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We are clearing out all our hard copy DVDs. Order your hard copies TODAY at a great discount while they last. Shipping required.

CAUTION Pack Flat Change Bag - Small issue with thread around the outside of bag. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. SLIGHT ISSUE ONLY $25

Sacagawea Dollar
Shim Set -
From my personal collection. Included two shim coins and one real dollar coin. Only $5

English Pennies -
From my personal collection. Set of two. Only $3.

Jumbo Penny -
From my personal collection. Penny is the size of Eisenhower dollar. Only $9

KD Engraved Half Dollar -
From my personal collection. This was made for me by a friend when I was in high school. A KD (King of Diamonds) is engraved on the back of a 1971 Kennedy half. ONLY ONE. Only $5

Mini Coin Set -
From my personal collection. 2 sets included in package. Both for $5. Only $5

Gold Plated Kennedy Half (Set of 2) -
From my personal collection. One is more used than the other so I'm offering both for Only $9

Gold Plated Eisenhower Dollar 1974 -
From my personal collection. Only $9 each

Spirit Glass aka Ghost Disc -
From my personal collection. A glass disc approx. 2'' in diameter. Force card.  Blow breathe on disc and the card appears in the mist. 3 Clubs on one side, Ace Hearts on the other. Only $5

Copper Silver Coin -
From my personal collection. Only $11 each

Expanded Shell Quarter -
From my personal collection. 1988 quarter. Only $20

Rainbow Streamers -
Special offer on 2-inch X 16-foot Magic by Gosh streamer silk. Regular price $12. Only $7

Double Sided Quarter -
Choose heads or tails while they last. From my personal collection. Only $9 each

The Mark by John Murray -
From my personal collection. Never used. Spectator marks a half dollar for identification. The cois in made to vanish only to reappear locked inside a keychain that is being held by the spectator. Only $30

Cig or Bill Through Quarter -
Johnson Products. I have two of them from my personal collection. Sold separately. One has original directions and the other a photo copy. Only $25

Single Word Waver Character Silk. NEW. Approximately 4” X 17” Only $8

Build a Better Mouse Trap - Paperback book. NEW with CD of art from book. Regular price $29. Only $5

5-inch Sponge Hearts
Super Soft sponge hearts measure 5-inch wide X 5.25-inch tall WHEN WET. Slightly smaller when dry. These were originally made for Barry Heart Attack trick, which is now retired. ONLY 1 Left. $6 each

COLOR VISION/THE SECRET - The Secret uses the Color Vision effect with a clever laminated secret card. The effect is easy and we've found the best color vision product on the market. Overstocked. Regular Price $5. NEW ONLY $2 each

PRESTO SYMPHONY DVD - For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $59. NEW $19

ALIENS, ASTRONAUTS & SPACE STUFF DVD - For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $25. NEW $10

For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $29. NEW $10

SPORTS/FOOD ART PACK - For more information CLICK HERE. Regular price $29. NEW $10

AMERICAN ROPES (Ropes ONLY, no instructions & NO DVD) For full description CLICK HERE. Regular price $15. NEW $5

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