Great Green Growing Machine

Great Green Growing Machine

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The Great
Green Growing Machine has no moving parts. It’s an empty paint pail painted . . . GREEN! Nothing about it appears great. However, if something is placed on the outside, it appears on the inside. It GROWS on the inside! Place a flat color dot on the outside and it grows to a 3D ball on the inside. Six color dots grow on the inside and after each one the can is empty again. But wait, there’s more. Remove all the color dots and the can is . . . green! The can is now filled with green balls! But wait, there’s more. Place a picture of a smile on the outside and guess what appears on the inside. It's a 24-inch X 36-inch Smile Banner! This effect is sure to create screams and smiles. Comes with Green can, sixteen green balls, six assorted color balls, six magnetic color dots, smile banner, lid with smile, gimmicked paper bag and special gimmick. Clear paint can not included. Easy access online video instructions with password.

The clear paint can used in the demo is a Darice brand 6 5/8-inch by 7-inch see thru pail with handle. These can usually be found at craft stores like Joann and Michaels. They are also available on Amazon.

" I received my Great Green Growing Machine today. It’s another solid product from Barry. An awesome product and the possibilities are endless."
Rodney Palmer

"I got my Great Green Growing Machine today and it is one of the most innovative creations I’ve ever seen! So many fun ways to use this! Barry’s attention to detail assures only the BEST quality! Thanks Barry!"
Eric Youngvall

“I just received my Great Green Growing Machine and LOVE it! I will be using it in all of my summer Library Shows (50 in June & July). With summer theme Libraries Rock we will talk about how music and color impact our moods and feelings from the outside. Thanks Barry for another excellent prop!”
Keith Tusing

Steve Petra's Version of the Green Machine using a skunk puppet. Skunk puppet NOT included with Green Machine props.


Green Recycled Machine

Green Machine Character Can Presentation

Adding A 3D Smile Maker


NEW Halloween Idea. Face parts from Dollar Tree, not included with Great Green Growing Machine.

Green Machine Explanation. Video requires a PASSWORD. PASSWORD comes with product.


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