Bucket Full 2

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CHOOSE AN OPTION BEFORE ORDERING. Available with 36 Stars, 36 Hearts or Stars & Hearts Mix.

In 2014, we introduced Bucket Full based on the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. In 2020, our last Bucket Full was shipped. Hundreds of performers around the world have shared our adaptations of the McCloud story. The book is available from your favorite book retailer.

Now it’s time for Bucket Full 2!
Show an empty bucket. Add a magic word or story and begin removing eighteen 2-inch sponge stars from the bucket. Bucket may be turned upside down to show it’s empty again. THEN eighteen MORE stars appear inside the empty bucket. The potential of this effect is truly UNLIMITED! Even more presentation ideas may be seen with our Great Green Growing Machine. CLICK HERE

Three options available . . . 36 Stars, 36 Hearts or 36 Mix of Stars & Hearts. Due to the second gimmick inside the bucket, different color sponge may be used. Comes with bucket, two secret gimmicks, thirty-six sponges and access to online story suggestions and instructions. Password for instructional videos comes with product.

What You Can Do Demo

Magic Snowballs
Alternate presentation for Bucket Full 2. Use 18 white balls and 18 green balls. Small styrofoam balls available in craft stores in a variety of colors. White and green balls sold separately. CLICK HERE TO ORDER BALLS

Bucket Full Hearts & Stars Demo

Bucket Full Coal & Rotten Eggs
This effect uses black sponge balls cut into pieces to represent coal. A dozen sponge eggs are used as well. Eggs are available on our site. CLICK HERE


Goose Eggs
This presentation was inspired by my original Goose That Laid Giant Green Gumballs created for the Fire Up Your Imagination DVD. See the Fire Up DVD CLICK HERE
This is a dumbed-down version of the original story in order to show a second production of yellow eggs in the additional gimmick. It's a fun idea to inspire your creativity. 

Orange Seeds
This story idea comes from Tommy Johns. It is a motivational story about encouragement. For the purposes of the video, I used hearts in the second gimmick to show an alternative ending.

Starfish Story



 Bucket Full 2 Basics

 Bucket Full Gimmicks

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