Timothy Pressley's Sponge Toilet Paper

Timothy Pressley's Sponge Toilet Paper

  • $ 1200

(STP for the VIP)
Sponge Toilet Paper for Very Ingenious Prestidigitator
You never know when or where inspiration will strike. Tim had this idea while sitting . . . in his office . . . filing important papers.

Toilet Paper, like bananas and chickens, are hilarious when they show up outside of their natural environment. Pull a roll of STP from your top hat. Do a double take and exclaim, “If THIS is HERE, WHERE is my rabbit?”

If you really want to get kids to engage in your show, miscall the STP. It’s a jumbo marshmallow or a snowball or a moon rock. Kids will quickly correct you.

Made from the same quality foam Tim uses to make Sponge Marshmallows and Jumbo Marshmallows. STP also makes a great finale for Barry’s Bigger Marshmallows effect. Only $12 per roll. Order two . . . Don't Run Out!

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A FUNNY Presentation Suggestion from Steve Petra
aka The Final Load
One of the benefits of being a magician is you don't have the same stress that other people have.

One thing that bothers folks is when they run out of stuff they can't get by without.
Can you name something you hate to run out of?
Ice Cream?

Except for pickles those are all essentials but NOT the worst thing to run out of.

Picture this:
You're in a special room of your house.
There's a knock at the door.
You reply "Hey, I'm in here!"
How long you gonna be in there?
Just give me 5 minutes.
Then you reach for it. It's not there! There's just am empty cardboard tube! (Display cardboard tube)
But you say the magic words
1 ply
2 ply
3 ply

Everyone say it with me
1 ply
2 ply
3 ply
And POOF there it is. (Produce roll with your favorite method)
No need to rush
No need to blush
1, 2, 3 ply
Now you can flush.
(Push paper tube into roll)
Thanks Steve

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