Big Yeller

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THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RETIRED. The product page remains for owners to have access to the explanation videos.

A crescendo of entertainment in a bag of fun. Show four sponge balls on a stand. A small red, yellow, and orange with a large yellow one, also known as Big Yeller. He’s a screamer. Each ball has a name and a sound. It’s an onomatopoeia of musical madness. Ding, Dong, & Dum travel at the speed of sound from the performer’s hand to the helper. It’s a sponge ball presentation that will ring your bells.

But wait, the large singer hasn’t hit the final note yet.  A clear bag is shown empty and the finale is about to happen.  As the children scream, “Big Yeller,” the yellow ball is thrust into the bag where it explodes! In a single beat, the bag is full of Ding, Dong, Dums and one large yellow BONG! Comes with heavy duty vinyl bag, ball display, online video instructions, music track for finale, and all no bleed balls. Balls include our exclusive yellow growing ball, previously only sold with Smile Maker.

ALL VIDEOS BELOW ARE ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS. Password comes with printed package instructions.

Explanation of package contents

Big Yeller Sleight of Hand

Bell Music Download
Password comes with printed package instructions.


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