On Your Mark.  Get Set.  Succeed! DVD/CD Package

On Your Mark. Get Set. Succeed! DVD/CD Package

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A Brand New DVD/CD package of magic, storytelling and prop content in three areas of success.
1. Character Education
2. Sporting Competition & Games
3. Healthy Living
DVD video footage of the original effects and ideas. A visual learning tool to add themed content into your shows FAST!
Includes an entire CD of royalty free music by Nathan J. Roberts.
Includes a full Sports Pack of printable inserts from Jay Rumple for the Super Screen.
(Sports Pack is also sold separately for $29, however, it's INCLUDED as part of this package.)
PLUS incredible DIY projects and new magic.
BONUS PDF Book of all the content, scripts and detailed instructions with pictures of the projects.

Perfect for library and school performers.
All this content in one package for you to create better shows and ultimately . . . succeed!

A short list of some of the chapters in this package: Egg Head DIY, Lily the Link, Glad & Sad Stones, Tasty Teamwork, Appearing Pole Vault, Rings of the Games, The Running Oil, Tricky Turvy Oil, Tricky Turvy Trophy, 110% Stepping Stone Stairs, Medal Makers, Checkered Devil, Take the Flag, Flame Gordon, Arrow Tubes, Linking Rings . . . Sorta, Eat the Rainbow, Balloon Fairness Race, Race for the Ribbon, Slow and Steady, Rainbow Scramble, The Basket Table, The Fruit Stand, Big Medals and Much More!

"I was privileged to have a chance to proofread this and it is once again an amazing amount of usable quality original material that is worth WAY more than Barry charges for it."
Tommy Johns

"Barry, I've just received my copy and you've done it again. "On Your Mark, Get Set, Succeed" is another gold medal compliment of routines, DIY projects and scripts. Perfect for the 2016 Summer Library Shows but this can be used far beyond the summer shows. Routines on character building, sports and nutrition make this another "must have" DVD/CD/PDF book.

But wait, there's more... Nathan J Roberts has written, composed and recorded 30 tracks of music that truly compliment the routines in this package.  Buy this today!"
Steve Wronker

"Barry Mitchell's new DVD set has arrived!

In life, there are three complaints you never hear:
1. My computer is too fast.
2. My neighbor's leaf blower isn't loud enough.
3. There isn't enough gloriously usable content on my Barry Mitchell DVD.

Well, Barry has done it again. Correction - this time he's OVERDONE it! With all that's packed into this 3 DISC SET, my concern is that my brain may explode before I finish my new show.

I could go on about the depth of content and the quality of instruction or even the well presented detail offered in both video and print but I won't.
As a full time performer, what I value most here is the the range of viable applications of the material.

Some of my favorites are the Finish Line devils hank, a truly award winning misers dream variation that you can use in almost any motivational show and ... Barry's Super Screen. This versatile take on the classic temple screen continues to prove itself an audience pleasing WINNER. (just the Tortoise and the Hare bit would be enough but noooooo - more and more and more ideas keep coming at you)

Ways to enhance teaching of history, character, sportsmanship, health
Video demos of all the ideas and props.
PDF of scripts, custom artwork, complete instructions with great photo illustrations and
a CD of royalty free music.

My only complaint - Way too much FUN! I'm going to have to share some with my audiences."
Steve Petra

"Got mine last week and have watched it twice already. Lots of great stuff as usual. Got my mind thinking and brain storming. I especially loved the music. My favorite routine was the rings which is awesome and I actually was educated on the Olympic history as I watched. Barry is a great teacher too! I highly recommend this set if you will be doing library shows this summer and lots of great stuff for other shows too! You've done it again Barry!"
Mike Prestby

"On Your Mark Get Set Succeed! is a 10 star on a scale of 1 to 5!!  This product has exactly what I need.  It has so much information that it is worth many times more than what I paid for it.  I already have plans for several routines in my programs.  My favorite is the “Rings of the Games Effect.”  Besides loving the creativity and abundance of information, I am grateful for the superior customer service that Barry offers.  When I have a question, Barry responds immediately and is extremely helpful.  Thank you Barry!"
Carol Ellringer

"Just watched the first chapter of the video and my head is spinning."
Rob Butcher

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