Pop-Up Pad Paint Can Pad

Pop-Up Pad Paint Can Pad

  • $ 1200

The Paint Can Pad was originally marketed as the Pop-Up Pad. This round pad creates the perfect deception to hide silks or other objects in the bottom of the pop-up can we use for our Pop-Up Production. The Pop-Up Production has been retired.

However, we have an even more magical use for this clever pad. It is the perfect fit inside a standard gallon size paint can. Place sponge or other small items inside the paint can and the Paint Can Pad fits snuggly on top to hide the objects with the black art principle. This can be a DIY project by painting the inside of the can flat black. We also offer a variety of paint can products including Bucket Full and the Grin Keeper. The Great Green Growing Machine has been retired, but all the videos remain on our website to inspire you. Visit our site and search for these products to watch the videos. Now you know the secret, what will you create with the Paint Can Pad? IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CUT THE PAD TO FIT INSIDE A PAINT CAN. CUTTING IS ONLY REQUIRED FOR THE POP UP CAN. A CUTTING GRID IS NO LONGER SUPPLIED WITH PRODUCT.

SEE THE Great Green Growing Machine CLICK HERE

This is an ordinary paint can used with a Pop Up Pad (Paint Can Pad) to hide the production banner underneath.

Below is one of the most creative ways to use the Pop Up Pad that we have ever seen. This is Takandri, a Mexican children's entertainer. He's very creative and has given permission to post his video here. Even if you don't speak the language you can see how much fun the children are having and it's all accomplished with a pop up can and pop up pad.


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