Pop-Up Pad

Pop-Up Pad

  • $ 1200

Here’s a clever idea from one of our customers.  This round pad creates the perfect deception to hide silks or other objects in the bottom of the pop-up can we use for our Pop-Up Production. Comes with cutting instructions to make it work in the pop-up can.  All video instructions are here on the website. Password comes with pad.  This small pad ADDS so much to the effect.  The Pop-Up production is sold separately, however, you can use the Pop-Up Pad and instructions with your own pop-up trashcan.  We give details in the online video of where to find the pop-up cans. 


This is an ordinary paint can used with a Pop Up Pad to hide the production banner underneath.

Below is one of the most creative ways to use the Pop Up Pad that we have ever seen. This is Takandri, a Mexican children's entertainer. He's very creative and has given permission to post his video here. Even if you don't speak the language you can see how much fun the children are having and it's all accomplished with a pop up can and pop up pad.

Pop Up Pad Explanation Video
Password comes with product


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